Admission Open for M.Sc., B.Sc., PC B.Sc., GNM,
Hospital Facilities

Columbia Asia Hospital

K.C. General Hospital - Malleshawaram
Fundamentals of Nursing & Medical - Surgical Nursing

E.S.I Hospital - Indiranagar.
Fundamentals of Nursing & Medical - Surgical Nursing

Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health - 250 Beds
Paediatric Nursing

Mind Hospital - 400 Beds
Psychiatric Nursing

Corporation Hospital
Gynae & Obstretrics Nursing

Kidwai Hospital
Oncology Nursing

RM Apollo Hospital

Attendance, Progress & Conduct :
Each student must have a certificate of satisfactory attendance, progress and conduct from the principal of the respective college of examinations. A prescribed % of attendance is must in theory and practical separately in each subject.
Internal Assesment:
There shall be internal assessment which follows the principal laid by the college and university in each subject in theory and practicals separately for which prescribed % of marks are set apart and that will be added to the final marks in the university / board examination.
Conduct & Discipline
Students are required to maintain ethical and professional standards.
Students should make every effort to take care of the college, hostel and hospital property.
Students are required to follow the rules and regulations laid by the hospital, hostel and college/ school authority.

The authority has all the rights to take decision of suspension, dismissal of any student whose behaviour and conduct is found to be not satisfactory in and outside the college campus
Voluntary withdrawal
Students who voluntarily withdraw from the school/college be required to pay the full fees for the entire programme. The fees already paid will not be refunded.
The College has its own fleet of buses to transport students and stuff to various destinations, seminars, workshops, meetings etc
Hostel Facilities

Separate hostels for boys and girls are available, which are adjacent to the college campus. Students have to strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the hostels. Both Veg & Non-Veg food is served in the hostel.
All students should be resident in the Hostel and shall be under the direct care and supervision of the sister in charge/ Warden of the Hostel.

No student will be permitted to stay outside with relatives or friends

When a student is ill, he/she should report to the principal so that the students may be cared for by the institution facilty.

Students are allowed only once in a month to go to theirs local guardian's houses.

Prior written permission should be obtained from the warden for all outings and the student should be back by 6.30 pm.

Relatives and friends are not permitted to visit students during duty hours or class hours. Arrival from a distant place will not entitle a visitng relative to see the student during class hours. On off days student are NOT TO LEAVE BANGALORE CITY WITHOUT the knowledge o the principal and the written permission of the warden. Smoking and Drinking in the premises is strictly forbidden. Ragging in all its forms is banned and it treated as a cognizable offence. Any student found guilty of ragging will be suspended and /or dismissed at the discretion of the Management. Taking or administering and harmful drug not authorised by competent authority is strictly forbidden. In order to curb such tendency amongst the students it has been decided that any student found in possession of any unauthorised drug will be summarily DISMISSED. Use of Electric stoves, Immersion - Heaters, Iron Box, Kerosene Stoves or hazardous items in the living rooms are strictly forbidden in order to prevent fire.

Useof Tape Recorders, Radios, Mini TV are foridden in the living rooms.

The Warden checks the rooms and cupboards of the residents at the any time without any prior notice.

Canteen Facilities:
Tasty and Nutritious Food served at our canteen which is well furnished and hygienic. Kerala students are provided Malayali food.

Opportunities abroad: US (United States), UK (United Kingdom), Ireland, Australia, Newzealand. We are affiliated to NCLEX / CGFNS recruiting centers at Chennai. Coaching classes are given along with B.Sc (Nsg) course and students are trained for NCLEX examination. Finally placements can be allowed in different states of U.S. KCN has been affliated to Gulf contries like Saudi Arabia.

Sports & Cultural Events
The respective colleges offer varius types of sporting and extra curricular activities. All the students are encouraged to excel and participate in programmes, at the university, state and national level. Outdoor and indoor recreational and cultural programmes are organized regularly according to the academic schedule of the respecive colleges.
Other Facilities
  1. Computer labs are centrally air-conditioned and fall equipped

  2. Well stock library with on-line facility to dowload journals.

  3. Specious class rooms with good furniture and teaching aids.

  4. Convenient transport facility.

  5. Highly qualified & experienced faculty.

  6. Fully equipped laboratories

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